1964 Studebaker Daytona Restoration



Good whitewall tires (Coker) can cost you up to $320 CAD per tire before you get them mounted,

balanced and finally installed -around $1500 CAD by the time you have them on the car

The tires on this car were over 40 years old so replacing them with good

reasonably priced whitewall tires was the way I wanted to go.

6.70 x 15 in Bias-ply tires were the way they went back in the 1970s but Radial tires work fine on stock Studebaker rims

Stock 1964 Studebaker rims are only 4 1/2 by 15 inches in size so if you want use anything over

P205 70 R15 you will need to go with Ford 5-6 in rims with a 4.5 in x 5 bolt pattern.

Studebakers don't have much room for bigger sized tires so ensure you do your homework

before you go out and buy your tires P215 75 R15 are as big as you can use on Lark/Hawk based models

I was able to source 4 X Nexen whitewall tires (Korean) from EBay for just $65 US ea

which included free shipping to a US address. Many thanks goes out to Gregg Simmons who

volunteered to paint the rims, mount & balance the tires. Total cost was $340 CAD.

Nexen Radial Whitewall Tires are nice, middle of the road tires that were easy on the budget



1964 Daytona Restoration