1964 Studebaker Daytona Restoration




In this section we will install a OEM V8 Dual exhaust system




Tools required - Ramps, Jack Stands, Ball peen hammer, Rubber Mallet, 9/16 and/or 1/2 inch wrench,

Chisel, 9/16 long socket with ratchet, Exhaust pipe cutter or Reciprocating Saw

Parts Required

1554324 - Right Outlet pipe x 1

1554325 - Left Outlet pipe x 1

1555730 - Front Right Exhaust Pipe  x 1

1547759 - Front Left Exhaust Pipe x 1

1547760 - Rear Right Exhaust Pipe x 1

1547761 - Rear Left Exhaust Pipe x 1

1548925 - Muffler x 2

521273 - 2 in Exhaust clamps x 4

1553904 - Exhaust Straps x 4

G181338 - 5/16 in x 1 in exhaust bolts x 6

G114547 - 3/8 in Exhaust nuts x 4

536183 - Exhaust Flange gaskets x 2

1553883 - Muffler Bracket (Driver side) x 1 (vehicle already has 1)

1547588  - 2 in Front Pipe - U-Bolt (clamp) x 2


Task: Remove old Exhaust System

1. put car up on hoist or jack stands 

2. take note of the way the exhaust is installed to ensure you position the new exhaust correctly

3. Proceed by cutting off the old exhaust clamps with the angle grinder

4. Use Nut Splitter to remove 3/8 in Header Pipe Nuts if unable to remove with 9/16 in wrench/socket

5. Pull apart Exhaust pipes/mufflers with rubber mallet if possible

6. If it is very rusty and hard to get off use the pipe cutter or Reciprocating Saw first

With hard to remove exhaust manifold nuts - use a Nut Splitter which did the job - Header pipe removed with Nut splitter tool and Reciprocating Saw


Task: Install new Exhaust System

1. Install Front Header Pipes - tighten with Exhaust pipe nuts

2.    Next install left & right Exhaust Pipes ensuring it doesn't interfere with the emergency brake cable

2. Install mufflers ensuring that the "arrow" is pointing to the rear of the car

3. Install Muffler Brackets loosely

4. Install tailpipes ensuring that the part of the exhaust pipe that goes around the diff housing is installed

not interfering with the shocks or underbody

5. Install Driver side Muffler Bracket and then install Muffler Strap using U-Bolt Clamps &3/8 in bolts

5. Tighten all 6 Muffler Clamps securely

7. Secure at rear with Cut to length exhaust hangers & bolts

7. The exhaust pipes tip should be straight up and down & metal on metal contact


5. Tighten all clamps ensuring that ensuring that the exhaust doesn't touch any of the body and is not rattling

6. Give it a good shake to ensure it tight enough - retighten as necessary



1964 Daytona Restoration