1964 Studebaker Daytona Restoration


Rocker Panels


Tools required: - Ball-Peen Hammer

 Metal Chisel

Vice Grips x 2  

MIG Welder & Gloves /Helmet  and/or

Pop Riveter and 3/16 x 1/4 in grip steel jacket rivets

Portable Angle Grinder

Portable Drill with 1/8 bit

Rocker Panel Undercoating - 1 Can


Parts Required

C2C Fabrication - Rocker Panels 1961-66 Studebaker 4 DR LH 956-040-1 & RH 956-040-2


Note: Car needs to be up on jack stands or on hoist to better enable you to install the Rocker Panels  

Useful link - Sheet Metal Gauge to inches chart     


Task: Remove Rocker Panels


Rocker Panels on the 1964 Daytona are secured using spot welds located in the weather stripping channels & in the rear. They are about

2-3 in apart and you first need to remove the carpet and sill plates to get at them.  Once you have clear access then you can proceed to start

from the rear portion of the Rocker panel and start to chisel them off. You will see that they are joined by spot welds and you can work you way

to the front of the vehicle separating the rocker panel from the floorboard. This is a 1 inch strip of metal that they are secured to which goes from

front wheelwell to the rear wheelwell.  To remove the rocker panels at the underneath side just bend it back and forth and it will pop right off. 

You will need to grind down the spot welds at the front and straighten up the metal strips that were bend in the removal process. Inspect all floorboard

metal strips to ensure that they are in good shape and are square front to rear so you can properly secure your new rocker panels with no gaps


Task: Rocker Panel Prep       

Before I installed the Rocker Panels I sprayed the inside of the rocker panels with Primer & Black Rust Paint


Task: Install Rocker Panels       

Left side rocker panel installed ensuring proper gaps & door operation


Some restorers will use large steel pop rivets and I decided to use a combination of both methods. I personally choose to do both methods using 3/16 inch/1/4 inch

gtip steel pop rivets to secure the rocker panels where the rubber door seal is located. Its very hard to weld in that location and if you use Steel pop rivets

every 2 inches its will be securely fastened - do not use aluminum pop rivets as they will corrode due to lack of similar metals being used.

Using Vise grips to secure the Rocker panels in the proper position you then can proceed to spot weld the other side of the rocker panels

every 2 inches which will ensure a strong installation. Ensure you have taken time to properly line up each Rocker panel to ensure proper

operation of the door, that the rocker panel is level with the floor and that it has a 3/16 inch gap at the front fender. Once both rocker panels

are properly secured you can spray with Primer/Rocker panel Paint



1964 Daytona Restoration