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1972 Norton Commando

   1964 Canadian - built Daytona - Restoration complete - Needs to be safetied, road-tested

& some final adjustments then back on the roads of Ontario after a 48 year Absence

For the full story check out 1964 Daytona

Studebaker Garage

       This website is all about the Norton family experiences in owning, driving and  maintaining our current "Fleet" of Studebaker cars and trucks. During the past 23 years we have been able to acquire six Studebakers and have done alot of maintenance and restoration projects to make them roadworthy . In this website you will see what it took to get some of these vehicles back on the road while attempting to pass on the current & past pride of ownership   

 "Drive them don't hide them"


Studebaker Hawk Haven

  1963 Champ

1964 Cruiser

1959 Lark

 Our Studebakers    over the Years

1969 Avanti

1964 Daytona


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